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The best wedding gifts 2019

Are your sibling, best friend or someone else that's close to you getting married during 2019? Does it feel somewhat impersonal to give away that candle holder or just a another set of pretty silverware, promoted by some design mall to be added to your friends wedding registry. Do you want to give away something different and creative, showing the wedding couple that you've gone the extra mile for them? Here is the list of the best personal and creative wedding gifts for 2019:

Donate money for a good cause - in honor of the couple

It's becoming more common that wedding couples prefer that money to be be spent on wedding gifts instead goes to support charity. Think of whether the wedding couple are especially engaged in some specific issue. Find a trusted charity organisation linked to this issue to see how you can donate money in honor of the couple. Often these organization offers a gift card linked to your donation. Doctors without borders is one of the most well-known and competent humanitarian organisations in the world that also offer such solutions:

Give away a tree to be planted

Regardless if it's a small tree in a pot or a bigger one that can be planted in the garden, this a excellent wedding gift. The wedding couple will see the tree grow and will always remember who gave it to them. Visit your local flower and check out what they have to offer.

Create a photo collage in vintage-style with small frames on a painted wood board

Do you have some extra spare time and want to give away something truly unique. If you're the best friend of someone in the couple you probably have a whole bunch of pictures, starting from when they started dating until now. Collect and print the best pictures and buy random small frames from the local flee market or shop. They don't have to be perfectly harmonized in color and shape – on the contrary! The advantage with the vintage-style is that it's supposed to be spontaneous, uneven and imperfect. Mount the frames on a painted wood board that you fix yourself or buy from any interior design or building material retailer. Voilà! The best and most appreciated wedding gift you can imagine have been created.

Give away an exclusive spa treatment

An exclusive massage- and spa treatment is always appreciated and can be the perfect wedding gift after months of intense wedding planning. Most spas offer treatments for couples, often included as a package for a complete weekend, or just as a separate treatment. Think of where is the most convenient location for the couple to do their treatment and start googling for the best spa destinations.

Give away top quality bed linens

High-quality bed linens might not be something wedding couple thought of getting for themselves. Not least after spending a small fortune on organizing the wedding. If you're prepared to spend a bit extra on the wedding gift this could be a highly appreciated alternative. Remember to choose colors and a design that are relatively neutral to make sure they will combine with the couples home interior.

Create a personalized wedding poster in Nordic design, with the couple's name, wedding date and location

Do you want to give away a creative wedding gift that is both personalized and unique? The Wedding Poster offers customized top-quality posters in exclusive Nordic design, instantly created directly on the website. All the posters are printed on high-quality 200g/m2 matte paper, packaged in a solid black roll as a ready wedding gift, delivered with free shipping worldwide. Check out:

The wedding art story - from Venice to the Nordics

The history of wedding art is an unwritten chapter. The concept has been around for centuries; to hire an artist to paint a unique piece of art dedicated to a wedding couple has been one of the most beautiful and unique gifts anyone could give away. Even so this type of wedding paintings has never generated any particular interest from art historians. What has been well-documented and created plenty of interest are art pieces depicting wedding parties. The biblical story of the The Wedding in Cana is one of the oldest most well-known examples of how weddings and wedding parties has inspired to art. Tintoretto's painting from 1561 that can be found in the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice and Veronese's painting from 1563, displayed at the Louvre in Paris, are true master pieces of art depicting a wedding. Both paintings depicts a apparently lively wedding party including Jesus in the center of the art piece, in accordance with the biblical story, performing his first miracle by transfoming water into wine.

However, these paintings are far off from what we within this context would like define as a wedding painting – a piece of art created dedicated as a personalized gift to a wedding couple. A painting including the names of the couple, the date and sometimes the location of the wedding. In the region of Dalarna, the inland of the central of valley of Sweden, there is a long tradition of creating kurbits paintings as wedding art. Kurbits paintings depicts imaginary curvy plants consisting of bundles of flowers and leafs following a characteristic style including a palette of colors typical for the region. Often the kurbits is painted directly on the walls of peoples homes, on wardrobes and as separate pieces of art on a canvas. The kurbits paintings became popular during the end of the 18th century and was used already then as wedding-related decor. One of the most famous art pieces is Ålderstrappan (The stairs of ages) that describes the different phases of human life, from the cradle to the grave. The painting's center piece is a wedded couple aging together at each step of life. Also today kurbits decor are popular, not least on wedding invites in Dalarna. One of the most unique and personalized wedding gifts you can give away at a wedding in Dalarna is a wedding painting with kurbits details, including the names of the wedding couple, date and location of the wedding.

Through the technical advances of internet and digitalization a unique wedding poster can today be created in a few minutes directly online. At The Wedding Poster the person giving away a wedding gift or the couple themselves can create a unique design and personalize their own wedding art, instantly visualized on The Wedding Poster website. The Wedding Poster brings the concept of personalized wedding art closer to the people directly involved; the friend or the family member who wants to create a unique and personalized wedding gift, the husband or wife wanting to give away a creative and alternative wedding day gift, or as a a different and fun wedding party decoration that will later be a perfect unique piece of home decor, dedicated to one on life's most memorable moments.