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The Wedding Poster is an art concept with roots in Scandinavia, founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2016. It was created by two childhood friends looking to offer an alternative to mainstream wedding gifts, by providing unique and creative wedding art prints distinguished from the traditional.

All artworks, exclusively available at The Wedding Poster, are made by talented artists from leading art schools and designers. A creative process always guided by an eye for Nordic design.

Co-creation is the essence of The Wedding Poster. It involves three parties - us, our artists and you. By working together in this process we make sure each artwork created is personal and unique. The Wedding Poster is usually created as a wedding or anniversary gift. A beautiful home decor that can also serve to decorate weddings.

We print on high-quality 200g/m2 thick Swedish matte paper. You will feel the quality of the print with your own hands, stroking the ink surface of each feature of the design standing out from the paper fibers. The poster is delivered to you in a solid pitch-black roll embraced by the white The Wedding Poster label. Although our roots are in Scandinavia, we ship worldwide, free of delivery costs and regardless of order size.

From Stockholm, Sweden - with love