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What is The Wedding Poster?

The Wedding Poster is an art concept founded in Stockholm in 2016, dedicated to provide unique and creative wedding art prints in Nordic design.

Create your Wedding Poster as a wedding or anniversary gift, serving as a beautiful item home decor item, but also to decorate weddings.

How can I customize the poster?

Choose between twenty unique artworks exclusively available at The Wedding Poster. Add the wedding couple's first names, wedding date and location. Design details of the poster according to your liking.

How long is the delivery time?

Nordics: 2-7 business days
European Union: 3-8 business days
United Kingdom: 3-8 business days
US, Canada, Australia: 6-10 business days
Rest of the World: 6-15 business days

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping is free worldwide, no matter the order size or where you live.

Does poster come with a nice gift packaging?

Yes. The Wedding Poster is delivered in a solid pitch-black roll embraced by the white The Wedding Poster label. To make sure the roll is delivered in its original state, the roll is packaged and delivered in a larger external roll.

In what languages are the posters available?

All languages, you write the language and date format according to your preference. However, currently our system only support the Latin alphabet.

What is the size of the posters?

50x70 cm.

On what paper are the posters printed?

All posters are printed on high-quality 200mg/m2 thick Swedish matte paper.

Is a frame included?

No. For some nice Nordic design with an accessible price, check out your local IKEA website.

Can I find you on social media?

Yes, we are on Facebook - and Instagram - @theweddingposter. We love to receive pictures from weddings and home's decorated with your Wedding Poster. Inspire us!

I would like to make a suggestion or a complaint, who do I contact?

We are happy to receive your contact on