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What is the perfect wedding gift? The answer off course is that it depends – on who's getting married, how close you are to the wedding couple, the wedding couple's own gift preferences, taste and style, if they already ”have everything” or are just about to decorate a new home etc..

Two common denominators for especially appreciated wedding gifts is that they are both creative and personal. Many wedding guests decide to play on the safe side, perhaps giving away a high-end candle holder, or some kitchenware item still available on the couple's wedding or bridal registry. Although these gifts may serve their purpose, it's seldom these wedding gifts that are remembered by the wedding couple once all the dust settles after the wedding. It was with this realization in mind that we created The Wedding Poster.

We want to offer an alternative to traditional wedding gifts that is both personal and unique. Our wedding art are created by artists from leading art faculties and our own skilled designers, always following the patterns of Nordic design. Through our platform we wish to provide you as an art print buyer the opportunity to design a wedding poster that fits both the style and personality of the wedding couple. Essentially a co-creative tool that engages both our artists and you in the process of creating beautiful and personalized wedding art. By doing this we hope to provide more personal and unique wedding gifts and less of the traditional and predictable kind.

The Wedding Poster offers a dedicated selection of high quality wedding art in different designs that can be adapted to the individuality of the wedding couple. In order for you to visualize your design before ordering the poster, your design is instantly displayed on our website using our wedding poster creation tool. This way you can easily get an idea how the personalized wedding art will look like and adapt your design accordingly. After selecting artwork, you add the wedding couple names, the date and location of the wedding. Voilà - in an instant a unique and personalized wedding gift has been created!

All our posters are printed in Stockholm on high-quality Swedish 200g/m2 matte paper. The Wedding Poster is wrapped in a solid black tube embraced by the black and white The Wedding Poster logo, ready to be given away as the perfect wedding gift. To make sure the black tube is delivered intact it's delivered and sent inside an external package.

The Wedding Poster may also be given away for other purposes than being a wedding gift. It's also the perfect wedding day gift, or simply a personalized gift and decoration for your home. Wedding day gifts doesn't necessarily have to be all flashy and expensive. The same logic goes for them as for wedding gifts. To create something unexpected, personal and creative is often the best recipe to surprise your husband or wife. In addition a nicely framed personalized wedding poster hanging on the wall is also wedding gift that will be remembered.

Yet another popular reason for creating a wedding poster is to use it as decoration for your own wedding. For example a wedding poster can be placed in the entrance to the church or at the location for the wedding dinner. If you want to make your personalized wedding poster even more unique – ask your wedding guests to sign the poster and add a personal greeting. Another fun and popular idea is to let the wedding guests put their fingerprints on the wedding poster, together with their name and a greeting. Just make sure the paint you use for the prints is not too smudgy and that the guests can easily clean their fingers afterwards..

We at the The Wedding Poster are exclusively focus on one thing – creating high-quality personalized wedding posters in Nordic design. Online mass retailers, such as and similar may serve their purpose for some situations. However, our conviction is that personalized wedding art dedicated to one of life's most unique and memorable moments deserves yours, ours and the artists undivided attention.

Follow us on Instagram for inspiration and tips on wedding poster home decoration. The Wedding Poster fits just as good framed on the wall in the bedroom as in the living room, or why not at the hall at the entrance to your home. We love Scandinavian and Nordic design, in addition to our artworks most of our home interior design tips are inspired by this tradition. By Nordic design we refer to the art movement that started in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland in the 1950s characterized by simple and beautiful, minimalist functional design. However at The Wedding Poster, somewhat deviating from the traditional Nordics design patterns, we happily add a bit of extra color to some of our artworks. In the right environment, we believe this can add a nice contrast to the often purely white and bright minimalist Scandinavian homes.

Today we deliver our wedding poster all over the world, produced in Sweden with the highest quality standards, always with free shipping worldwide. Create your wedding poster today and make sure to give the wedding couple that creative and personal wedding gift they deserve!